Weekend Web Wandering – July 16, 2016

Our preparations for church camp are in the frenzied “just one week to go” stage. Which means busy, busy, busy. But we’re still finding time to have some summer fun with friends (swimming! cookouts!).

We’ve been on a summer schedule for school (priorities: math, reading, some Latin) but once we get home from camp we’ll start again in earnest. I like to kickstart our return to routine in August. It doesn’t mean we won’t continue to do fun summer stuff, but it will give us the flexibility to take off later in the year.

So August = new books (if the kids have finished a particular book or set of lessons I don’t have them start the new one until August) and back to a routine (like trying to get things finished in the morning so we have most of our afternoons free).

But right now just thinking about all that is a little overwhelming, so let’s get on with the linkage.

weekly links round-upLearning

  • Can We Just Admit College is a Giant Ponzi Scheme? by Joy Pullmann at The Federalist. This is actually a post from June, but I forgot to share it. You can bet that Philip and I are examining all facets of this college question now that our oldest is…gulp…a sophomore.
  • Two posts from the Read the World Summer Book Club caught my eye recently. The first is Growing Up in South Africa (so interesting to get a glimpse of homeschool life on another continent!) and the second was Read the World: Europe because of all the resources Jamie shares for studying my favorite continent (other than the one I live on…)



On Living Unabridged this week: Delight Directed Learning for Mom

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