Weekend Web Wandering – July 18, 2015

We just returned from a week of church camp. I thought I would skip my links round-up this week, but as I looked through my files I discovered that I had saved more links than I thought. So, on with the linkage!

weekly links round-up


  • Why Helicopter Parenting is the New Victorianism by Anna Mussman for The Federalist. This is not a benign development.
  • More Parents Finally Get that College is a Scam by Joy Pullmann. My husband and I are clear on the scam part, but we’re less clear on how we should steer our rapidly approaching college age children. (By rapidly, I mean our oldest is starting high school this fall.)
  • The Race to Nowhere in Youth Sports by John O’Sullivan. Silly me, I kind of thought sports should be about the kids. (Side note: our children have not participated in team sports, due to both cost and lack of interest. They do pursue martial arts and gym activities with our homeschool co-op.)



Now, it’s back to the salt mines chores for me. A family of 8 + a week away from home = Mt. Laundry. (Not to mention my grouchy, sleep deprived children and an empty pantry / fridge!)

What caught your eye this week?

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