31 Authors Children Love: Martin Waddell

We’ve owned several books by Martin Waddell through the years, and you can probably find many at your local library. But once again, this author made the list based on one book:

Our third daughter (now 4 years old) went through a stage where she demanded this story every night. We don’t read it every night any longer, but I think it’s read at least once a week around here.

“‘I want my mommy’, said Bill,” is one of the 4 year old’s favorite book quotes.

I think every child can identify with feeling nervous when their mom is away. Children may also identify with the roles the siblings play in the story. (The older sister and older brother try to be brave. But the youngest is always clear that he just wants his mommy back.)

A happy, peaceful ending makes this one a great bedtime story.

Another one by Waddell that we’ve enjoyed:

This one is perfect for a snowy, winter day spent cozily at home.

Other sites about this author or his work:

Do you have a favorite by Martin Waddell?

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  1. How funny. We just picked up this from our library for the first time a few days ago and both of mine insist on repeating that “I want my mommy” line every single time.

  2. Too funny. We picked this up at the library this week and I just read it this morning. So cute. I loved it…so did the little ones.