Weekend Web Wandering 2020 Vol. 1

Hello and welcome to 2020! This morning I wrote about a thousand words in an essay (or blog post) on Star Wars and the Power of Storytelling and then WordPress ate 800 of those words. So, that’s how my day is going so far.

(And yes, I know, I should have been writing those words in a Word document or something. But when the muse seizes you, you start typing on whatever’s handy.)

Anyway, on to the links (with the understanding that some of these are rather old at this point!):
weekend web wandering

My husband has a Kickstarter campaign going right now.

We’d love it if you could back this project and / or share the link with your friends. It’s a fun little card game and it’s his first real solo effort so we need lots of help to hit the goal! Here’s the link!

From Living Unabridged

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