Words on Wednesday – A Brave Thing To Do

This quote about writing being a brave thing is a realization that a character in Kate Morton’sThe Lake Housemakes about letter writing:a brave thing to do
But it would apply to anything someone writes for someone else to see. Like, maybe, blogging.

Putting your thoughts and ideas (and soul) into writing, whether on paper or screen, can be a brave thing.

(It can also be foolish, but we’ll leave that discussion for another day.)

I woke up just this morning to some new blog comments. Some encouraging, and some not so encouraging. And I was glad I had planned this quote for today because I needed the reminder that not everyone will love or appreciate what I write and that is OK.

Recently Finished

The Lake House. Kate Morton’s latest fits in with all her other books I’ve read. There’s a once loved but now abandoned house in England, layers of family secrets, a plot that jumps around in time, plus at least one character who writes (a successful mystery writer, in this case).

And Morton’s knack for describing decay and neglect so well you will think you need to wash your hands.

Perfect? No. The “twists” are fairly easy to deduce. The sub-plots are too contrived. If even one character had had any sense at all there would be no “mystery”.

The ending wraps things up far too neatly (I’ve accused Morton of writing “wish fulfillment” before, and it applies here too). Also, the title is awful, but that’s probably not Morton’s fault.

But even with those faults, it’s still well written and I didn’t want to put it down until I had finished it. This would probably make a great book club novel. (And my first question for you: did anyone just not really like Alice at any point in the book? For such an important character she never grew on me.)
The Salt God’s DaughterFirst off, that is a gorgeous cover. Second, the writing in this is occasionally as lyrical and as gorgeous as the cover. Thirdly, this is way too long and sometimes it’s just like a word soup that makes absolutely NO SENSE.

The last third of the novel is better than the first two parts and might have made a great novel on its own.

I think this was supposed to be about mothers and daughters, but don’t quote me on that because it might also have been about insanity, the ocean, mystic Judaism, feminism, and / or whether selkies are a real thing.

But five stars for the cover and the flashes of brilliant writing anyway.

Recently Added

The Weight of FeathersA YA novel published this year and getting a lot of buzz. Not sure it’s going to be my cup of tea but it’s on my Kindle waiting for me. (From my library’s ebook lending library.)
A Sane Woman’s Guide to Raising a Large FamilyI’ve wanted to read this for a long time and I finally got my hands on a copy.
The Organized Heart: A Woman’s Guide to Conquering ChaosAnother one I finally ordered through interlibrary loan.
The E-Myth Revisited: Why Most Small Businesses Don’t Work and What to Do About ItI heard Dave Ramsey suggest this one.

Current Read Aloud

Here’s where I take my “worst mom” award and admit we haven’t started a new chapter book. Lots of picture books happening for the youngest children but we need to start something new for the older set.

Current Book to Review

I’ve requested One More Step: Finding Strength When You Feel Like Giving Upby Rachel Wojo but it hasn’t come in yet.
The Entitlement Cure: Finding Success in Doing Hard Things the Right Wayby Dr. John Townsend is another one I’m supposed to review (for another company), but it isn’t in yet either. I’m looking forward to some good reading in these rainy, cooler fall days.

Current Kindle Deals

The Black Star of KingstonThis one was free on Tuesday, but always double check. My oldest is already well into this one. (I love getting free things to put on the Kindle she uses. She loves to read and she’s definitely excited about this one.)
The Sacred Search: What If It’s Not about Who You Marry, But Why?is $1.99 right now. I haven’t read it, but I recommend other books by Gary Thomas and expect that this one is good too.
Bridge of SpiesAnother $1.99 deal. I think this is related to a new movie but it sounds interesting, even if it isn’t.

What are you reading now?

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  1. Not a worst mom award!
    Have you listened to Read Aloud Revival podcast? Lots of great ideas and inspiration.