31 Authors Children Love: Alexandra Day

Alexandra Day is the author of our favorite {almost} wordless book:

Wordless books are a great choice for non-readers because they can simply tell what they see. My children have all enjoyed “reading” this book. Just be aware that if you usually say, “Oh, look at that baby jumping on the bed,” your toddler will expect you to say that every time. (I speak from experience.)

Another possibility with these books: someone in your family might just decide that you “need” a Carl in your family. (“But Mom, he can take care of kids!”)

Other books about Carl (I’ve heard that there are 17, but we’ve never seen that many):

Carl’s Birthday

Carl Goes Shopping

Carl’s Afternoon in the Park

The only other book about Carl that my family owns is:

Carl’s Christmas. Carl has a special visitor on Christmas Eve. We keep this with all of our other Christmas books.

Wordless (or nearly wordless) books can be a great way to help reluctant readers. The pressure is off when they can simply “narrate” what is happening in each picture. A child might even be inspired to create her own book without words about a family pet.

Other sites about Alexandra Day:

Bonus video book report: Favorite Authors, Week 1

Do you have a favorite wordless book?

Resources for Readers:

Dover Books

31 authors children love: alexandra day

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