Weekend Web Wandering 2017 Vol. 10

We’ve had a busy few weeks and May always flies by in a blur. Nevertheless, I’ve saved some links to share with you. (Warning: some of these are fairly heavy and / or deep. Read after you’ve had your coffee!)
weekend web wandering


  • Read Alouds Solve a Lot! by Nadene at Practical Pages. Long live reading aloud!
  • Deserving Mr. Darcy: An Austenesque Apologia for Classical Education by Lindsey Brigham at CiRCE. “Not that love can ever be truly deserved; another of Austen’s themes is the sense of love as gift, as grace. But even as the way of grace must be prepared by repentance—a paradoxical kind of “worthiness” to receive it—so the way of love must be prepared by the development of a character able to recognize, receive, and return it, and in that sense, worthy of it.”



From Living Unabridged

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What caught your eye this week?

Mother’s Day is Coming! (And Father’s Day, too!)

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