Weekend Web Wandering – May 30, 2015

Yet another week with no baby news. Due date is Monday. All of our babies have been early or on the dot. This one may make his mark by being our only late baby. Next midwife appointment is Wednesday, so we’ll see what happens after that, if he doesn’t come sooner.

But while we wait, (and wait…) here are some links I’ve saved this week:

weekend web wandering




  • Why The Duggar Abuse Scandal Matters by Sheila Wray Gregoire at To Love, Honor, and Vacuum. Yes, I am heartily sick of this story. I kind of just wish the Duggars and their fans (AND their foes) would go away. But there are several reasons why that can’t (and won’t) happen, so I’ve saved a few posts about the situation that I thought covered some important points. This is the first of those.
  • Here’s another: The Duggar Family Scandal by Carrie at Reading to Know. Thoughtful words.
  • The First Principle of U.S. Foreign Policy by Dan McLaughlin for The Federalist. Long but thought provoking treatment of a tricky subject.
  • The Only Path to Societal Renewal by Dan McConchie for TGC. Yes, this.

That’s all I’ve saved this week. Maybe by next week we’ll be introducing our newest family member?

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