Weekend Web Wandering – November 7, 2015

We’ve had an unseasonably warm week. Which led to many leaf related adventures. Unfortunately, it rained the night before some of these leaf shenanigans and wet leaves + little girl hair (& skin) = massive mess.

So, I’m kind of relieved that the weather has turned cooler now. Maybe cooler temps will make the leaves less appealing. (Maybe. My children’s willingness to be uncomfortable while playing – despite howling about discomfort at any other time – still amazes me.)

Anyway, on with the links:

weekly links round-up




favorite thanksgiving booksOn Living Unabridged: 13 Favorite Thanksgiving Books.

homeschool election dayOne year ago: Election Day in Your Homeschool.

What caught your eye this week?

Looking for Thanksgiving ideas? I have a Pinterest Board for that:
Follow Karen (Living Unabridged)’s board Celebrating – Give Thanks on Pinterest.

More Thanksgiving resources:

Dover Publications has some great Thanksgiving themed books.

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  1. LOVED the finding your passion article. I would say more, but I am too tired to formulate my thoughts.

  2. So grateful to be included! Thank you!
    I’m also a homeschool grad…and INTJ! So we have a lot in common. I’m subscribing so I can keep up. Really happy to meet you! :)