Weekend Web Wandering 2017 Vol. 18

Wow. Is it just me or did 2017 FLY by? Here we are on December 2nd and our calendar is already (over)full.

I forgot to pencil blog time into that schedule. (Probably why I’m not a Pro Blogger. That and a host of other reasons.) But I hope to stop by here as the opportunity occurs.

(Don’t forget you can keep up with our shenanigans via Facebook and Instagram, too. Posting in those spots is a little easier than writing a blog post.)

Here are a few links for this first weekend in December:
weekend web wandering




  • The Last of the Iron Lungs by Jennings Brown at Gizmodo. Fascinating reading! (And sobering when you realize that a younger generation doesn’t understand what a serious thing polio was just a few years ago.)
  • Another fascinating article (content warning): The Butchering Art – Victorian Medicine. An interview with Lindsey Fitzharris.

Holiday Themed Posts from the Living Unabridged Archives:

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Christmas Playlist Substitutions (Relevant last week mentioned 5 Classic Christmas Songs That Are Actually Super Weird which reminded me of this post)

Happy Holidays, friends!

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