31 Authors Children Love: Judi Barrett

Judi Barrett is the author of several well known books with hilarious illustrations.from aesop to zion 3
Our favorite is:

This hilarious book is sure to spark some discussions with your child. (And what toddler wouldn’t be able to sympathize with the travails these creatures have with buttons, zippers, snaps, and so on?)

Why do children love these books by Judi Barrett?

They’re just funny. The animals in implausible situations. The weather behaving completely unpredictably (meatballs?!).

You and your children will both smile as you read these books.

(And please, please, do read the book before watching the movie, OK?)

Other sites to find out more or stretch the story:

Do you have a favorite Judi Barrett book?

Resources for book lovers:

Dover Books

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  1. You didn’t tell us what your favorite is! At least it didn’t show up on my computer while reading this post!
    Also, you link is not working from the other sites where you are listed as others who are doing the 31 days. It says Error when I go to click to your site. Thought you might want to know. I found you from Brandy at Afterthoughts.

    • I told our favorite at the beginning. We love those animals in clothes. :)

      I’ll check the links. Thanks for letting me know!

  2. When I look at your post it says: “Our favorite is”: and then it is blank. Then it says, “Others by Judi Barrett” and then it is blank again. I am not sure if anyone else is having that issue, but just thought might want to know. I use Google Chrome as my browser.

    • Sounds like you have a pop-up blocker enabled on your browser. The book images in my posts are amazon affiliate links and unless you turn off your pop-up blocker, you won’t see them. (They don’t actually “pop up”)