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Usually I post these round-ups on the last Friday of the month but I shared a different post Friday so I’m sharing on a Monday. It’s messing with my editorial calendar (yes, I do have one), but sometimes you have to go with what will work.

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September was back to homeschool co-op month. It was also back to our school year ministries at church. We squeezed in a quick couple of days away with extended family.

On our mini-vacation with family we got to stay at a huge log cabin situated on several acres, complete with pond. There were pedal boats on the water (see above picture for an example, and yes, that’s an affiliate link, just in case you’re in the market for one…), which were a huge hit with my kids and their cousins.

Side note: many people call these boats “paddle boats”, which kind of drives me crazy because a paddle boat, to me, looks like this:
Which, coincidentally, is another boat we went on while on vacation. We toured part of the Kentucky River on this boat. My family enjoyed it, but the iBoy was pretty sure the captain needed his help.

We also threw a huge double-birthday party for our two September birthday girls. We had lots of friends and family to help us celebrate so it was a good day, if more than a little exhausting.

This week we’re looking forward to some fall activities (like our traditional visit to a corn maze) but we’re not feeling very Autumn-ish right now. Temperatures are still high and humid. Maybe we’ll start feeling more like the seasons have changed soon. And I haven’t even had a single pumpkin product yet. Surely there’ll be a PSL with my name on it soon. {wink}

What We’ve Been Watching:

 My husband picked this one up. Horribly violent and ridiculous. So NOT my cup of tea. I really have no idea why people got excited about this movie. Seriously. What is the point of this?

Another one my husband brought home from the library. It’s based on a book, which my husband has read but I haven’t. Full confession: we watched this after a very long day and I fell asleep near the end. I woke up enough to see the very end but I think I missed several important points. My verdict: Tom Hardy is good (although the Boris & Natasha-esque accents from him and the other actors get tiresome by the end), Gary Oldman is wasted (why would you have Gary Oldman in your movie and then barely use him?), and it’s way more violent than I would like (although the historical bits were interesting).

I’m hoping the library gets some lighter fare in soon – I’m not sure how many more of these dark films I can watch (ok – “watch” might be too strong considering I’m usually reading my Kindle at the same time and / or sleeping).

We’ve both been enjoying Series 6 of the Great British Bake Off. (PBS is currently showing Season 4, but that’s not the most recent season.) This really is the best cooking show ever.

Also started watching Series 9 of Great British Menu. (They’re currently showing series 10 but we had an early series available to us.) I prefer GBBO, but this will suit in a pinch.

We did this for a family movie night. Quite popular with the kids. (Although one did say, “HEY! Are they trying to make this movie educational?” Like it was some sort of parental sneak attack.)
Another family movie night pick. Another winner, except some younger viewers thought it was a bit too scary in parts.

We also had lots of watching of the videos my husband has made of each child’s first year, particularly of the two birthday girls. Much reminiscing ensues whenever we pull these out.

On Living Unabridged this month:

Words on Wednesday posts:

My reading has slacked off after I worked on those two big stacks earlier in the month. I had to return a couple without reading them and some are just not grabbing my attention.

What did you do in September?

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