52 Family Game Nights: Say Anything

We’re continuing our “party game” theme with another game from the maker of Wits & Wagers.

family game night say anythingFamily Game Night #15: Say Anything

I asked our game expert to tell you about this one. (Please note that we will be referring to the Family Edition. The original Say Anything is not always family friendly.)

Say Anything trades the trivia of Wits and Wagers for opinion and personal preference, making for an even more laid back experience. Say Anything is for 3-6 players and takes about 30 minutes to play.

Players will begin by answering an opinion-based question like “Which cartoon character would be most fun to hang out with for a day?” As with many party games, players will take turns acting as judge, so you might want to tailor your answer to that person’s preferences. Or you can just come up with something clever or outrageous. You can even submit no answer and still have a shot at scoring points.

say anything piecesOnce you think of an answer, write it quickly on the mini whiteboard and toss it face-up into the middle of the table. The best answers will go fast as only one player can use each answer. If someone else beats you to a great answer, you’ll have to think of a different one.

Once all the answers are out, the judge will secretly decide on a “correct” answer. There is a special dial included for this purpose. Finally, the other players place their two bidding tokens on one or two answers. Then the judge’s selection is revealed. Players get a point for each token on the right answer and a point for having the right answer. The judge gets a point for each token on the correct answer, up to a max of three points. Points are tallied on the included score board. The player with the highest score after twelve rounds is the winner.

One possible negative is due to this game’s open nature. You can really say anything. This can lead to more “adult” answers depending on the group you have. The family version of Say Anything does attempt to avoid the more provocative questions, though even this version can descend quickly into bathroom humor. Depending on how you structure your group, this should take care of itself if it’s a concern.

Say Anything can be played with a wide range of players. Quick to play and quick to learn, this game makes a great choice for almost any gathering. So add some fun your next social engagement and give this game a try!

Say Anything has a reasonable price tag – less than $15 on Amazon right now. It’s a great addition to your party game stash.

Summary of Say Anything:

Number of Players: 3-6

Recommended Ages: 8+. We’ve played with younger, but they do need to be able to write their answers

Reading Required: yes, but spelling isn’t essential.

Have you played Say Anything?
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