Weekend Web Wandering – April 25, 2015

Today is one of those rarities in recent weeks: a Saturday where we really don’t have a lot planned. We got to sleep in this morning. There are no pressing obligations or trips or work obligations, beyond our usual Saturday responsibilities. Thanks to a busy Friday, our house is relatively clean, the laundry is all done (or as “done” as it gets), and it’s supposed to rain so we haven’t planned to do much yard work.

I hardly know what to do with myself.

While I figure all that out, let’s get on with the links!

weekend web wandering


  • Why Conservatives Dislike What Passes for Liberal Arts by David Patten for The Federalist. I’m a huge proponent of a Liberal Arts education, as described by Andrew Kern, Christopher Perrin, Martin Cothran, et al. I am not in the least impressed by what modern colleges are calling “Liberal Arts”. I think this post describes the difference.
  • The Little Way to Morning Time by Cindy at Ordo Amoris. This week Cindy released some of the wonderful archives from her blog. She has inspired me for years and I was so happy to read some of these again. This post was one of my favorites to rediscover.



  • Seven Big Failed Environmental Predictions by Robert Tracinski for The Federalist. (See also: What it Would Take to Prove Global Warming) I believe we need to care for our planet. I’m in favor of clean air and clean water. I am not in favor of lies and deception and “predictions” that turn out to be based on truly bad science.
  • Harboring Doubts by Roberto Rivera at First Things. My husband sent me this one. Thought-provoking. Think the religious liberty issue is cut and dried one way or another? You might find yourself thinking again.
  • There’s No Such Thing As a Spoiler by Winfree Brisley at TGC. I liked this perspective. (It seems prescient now: on Thursday night my Twitter and FB feeds exploded with such indignant comments as “Not everyone watches Grey’s at the same time you know!” because of an unwelcome plot twist. My first thought: Is that show still on? You can tell I don’t watch much television.)
  • The World’s Most Powerful Passports from the UK Telegraph. I find things like this fascinating. (And yes,my passport is one of my most prized possessions, even if I haven’t been able to use it as much as I’d like.)
  • What Really Happened to the Princes in the Tower? from Royal Central. If you don’t believe Richard III is culpable (and I, for the record, don’t), then what did happen to them?
  • What You Should Know About the Armenian Genocide by Stella Morabito for The Federalist. This week marks the 100th anniversary of this horrible persecution. And yes, the first thing you should know: it WAS genocide, even if our president and leaders are too cowardly to say so.
  • And now, something a little more light hearted: Seven Things Everyone Should Know About Pregnant Ladies by Rachel Lu. I find #2, #3, & #6 particularly annoying.

Here at Living Unabridged I shared a review of Go Ahead and Like It and a great quote about why “Following Your Passion” is not good advice.

What caught your eye this week?

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