31 Authors Children Love: Eric Carle

Eric Carle’s art is colorfully gorgeous and his books, based on familiar (or unfamiliar) creatures, make great bases for quick unit studies.

Our favorite:

When our third daughter was little, she didn’t speak early or well. I decided she was being neglected, book wise, and started reading this book to her every day. (Other books too, of course, but only this one every day.)

One day as I read, she said, “Pop!” at just the right time in the story. That was quite a happy moment.

From then on, we haven’t been able to get to her to stop talking. (OK, I’m just kidding there. But I definitely can mark the day when her speech started to improve.)

Other favorites by Carle:

Other sites about Carle or his work:

Do you have a favorite book by Eric Carle?

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  1. One of my favorites! I intend to read these to my grandchildren as well.