Review: Parenting Parables

My friend Jessie Weaver (formerly known as “Vanderbilt Wife”) has recently released a 30 day devotional: Parenting Parables.
parenting parables
She was kind enough to send me a copy to read, even though I told her my review would be tardy. (November and December have been crazy this year. But then, maybe they always are.)

Genuine Insights from a Real Mom

Jessie wrote this over a period of years, starting when her oldest was quite young. Now she has three beautiful children and each one shows up in this devotional in some way. These are the genuine thoughts, feelings, and insights of a real mom. She’s in the trenches, just like we are.

There’s nothing hard or difficult about this devotional. There are personal stories, a suggested Scripture passage, and simple (but deep) questions to answer. It’s kind of like sitting down with a friend in a coffee shop and talking about what you’ve been reading in your devotions lately. I can’t say I agreed with 100% of the theology or conclusions, but I know Jessie has a heart for Jesus and for the mamas who are doing their best at this parenting thing, just like she is.

Moms to Encourage Each Other

Jessie is one of those ladies I’d love to sit down with and wrestle with the deep things, the things that really matter and the things that we might not understand from the Bible, even while we talk about what crazy thing our toddler sons did that morning.

Since distance prevents us from doing that, this devotional is the next best thing.

Parenting Parables Gives Back

This ebook is reasonably priced at $2.99. And there’s something even cooler about that: Jessie is donating any profits to her local food pantry and homeless ministry. So, mamas, you can give yourself a gift this Christmas while helping others. This would be a great devotional to start in January – get the New Year off on an inspired start.

And yes, I am an affiliate for this ebook. If you’re inclined to use my link, it will be a little gift for me too, without raising your purchase price:Click here to visit Jessie Weaver. (aff link)

This devotional is available as a PDF or for Kindle.
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