Words on Wednesday – Starved for Beauty

More wisdom from Anthony Esolen (Out of the Ashes):
starved for beauty

Oh, how this resonated with me. Children (and adults) need nature and beautiful things.

Do not take this as an attack on your homemaking skills. I believe Esolen was primarily comparing the beauty of old things with new. Consider an old county courthouse. Can you picture one? Doesn’t it have a beauty, a presence to it? Now consider a modern government office. It’s either a nondescript, drab box or a garish assault to the senses, isn’t it? (I hope, of course, that there are exceptions.)

We need not descent into snobbery over this. Some plastic toys in your house are not going to kill your children’s creativity and joy. But it’s worth taking the time and money to choose things that we know to be both useful and beautiful for our homes.

And to make sure that our children are outside in nature and inside seeing great art, whenever possible. I would never starve my children physically. I hope they will never be starved for beauty, either

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I have been pre-reading a lot of books about the Second World War for children and teens. Look for that post, hopefully soon (but I still have a few books I’m waiting on from the library).

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Because of pre-reading I haven’t had a chance to start Forty Autumns yet, but it’s definitely calling my name.

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The Story of the Amulet is like a visit with old friends, even though we’ve never read it before.

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I found out this week that one company I’ve worked with has dropped me for inactivity. So, anyway, nothing new on this front. {sigh}

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Logic to the Rescue is currently free. I ordered this one yesterday because you can’t beat the price. (The other books in the series are currently $2.99)

Life Management for the Busy Homeschool Mother is also free for Kindle right now.

Somewhat related to the above quote from Anothony Esolen: The Outdoor Life of Children: The Importance of Nature Study and Outdoor Activities is a compilation of Charlotte Mason’s writings on the topic. $0.99 for Kindle.

A Twaddle Free Education by Deborah Taylor-Hough is an introduction to Charlotte Mason. Also $0.99 for Kindle.

What are you reading now?

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