Weekend Web Wandering – February 7, 2015

weekend web wandering lgAfter weeks of below freezing temperatures, our weather is warming up to the 50s today. The sun is shining and the day seems full of potential. But, just in case your Saturday is not as sunny, here are some links to curl up with at some point:



Here at Living Unabridged I shared What to Read in February suggestions, an inspiring (and convicting) Bonhoeffer quote: Salt of the Earth, and a review of Lara Casey’s new book Make it Happen. Coming up next week: how I maintain my sanity as an introvert surrounded by children, a huge marriage and family book list, and a guest post about reveling in your marriage.

That’s all for this week. What caught your eye?

If you’re looking for Valentine’s Day printables or Presidents Day notebooking pages, you might enjoy these (aff link):
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  1. Parenting teens? My advice? Stick a fork in your ear. It feels better. Haha. Just kidding. Parenting teens is very difficult. My prayer life improved exponentially.

    The depression inflammation article is interesting. I agree that inflammation plays a big role in many ailments. The current medical establishment isn’t quite there yet. My experience is purely anecdotal.

    I alsways enjoy your links!

    • Thanks for the advice, Tressa. I’ll keep a fork handy. ;)

      We’re kind of there already: I recently turned over our 13 year old’s math to her dad. It was just getting too much. Our relationship is better when I’m not the one making her do Algebra. And yes, my prayer life is growing by leaps and bounds (and she’s nowhere near driving age yet!).

  2. Love this week’s collection! :)