31 Authors Children Love: Mercer Mayer

Mercer Mayer may be the least “literary” author I’ve included in my list. If you’re inclined to book snobbery, his books are sold in grocery stores alongside all those dreadful (and forgettable) movie tie-ins.

But Little Critter is neither dreadful nor forgettable. He’s loveable and recognizable, more in the mold of the Frances books by Russell Hoban than the other books you’ll find on those wire racks.

We have several titles in our personal collection, but this one might be our favorite:

My husband reads this one to our youngest crew probably once a week. (And, since we have five children, the sentiment is repeated more often then that.)

Other favorites in the Little Critter series (there are so many!):

These books are quick, easy reads. But the stories and humor will delight children and parents alike. The moral isn’t heavy handed (looking at you, Berenstein Bears!), but the dilemmas Little Critter faces are familiar to all children.

Mayer also has a series of wordless books

These books about a boy, a dog and a frog. are harder to find, but we’ve gotten them from the library from time to time.

Other sites about Mayer or his books:

Do you have a favorite by Mercer Mayer?

Resources for Readers:

Dover Books

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  1. I love Mercer Mayer! I remember reading Little Critter books as a kid (it probably helped that my maiden name is Mercer). My kids love Just Go to Bed and Just My Mom and Me.

    • The Little Critter books were some of my favorites as a kid. I remember “Just Grandma and Me” the best for some reason.

  2. We LOVE Mercer Mayer over here! Okay, not just my kids but my husband and I too!!!!