Weekend Web Wandering 2020 – Vol. 3

Happy Leap Day, everyone!

I tried to think of some new tradition my family could observe for this occasion but we didn’t come up with anything. So, a nice day at home with all the family (even our college student isn’t working) will do. (Spoiler: that’s my favorite way to observe any day.)

How about your family? Do you have any leap year traditions?

I’ve saved so many links since the last time, you might need this extra day just for catching up!
weekend web wandering

From Living Unabridged

Recent: I wrote a long, rambling collection of thoughts about Star Wars. (As one does)

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  1. People do not think in words? I thought that was how we think! Crazy. And that makes me sad about Lucy Maud, but I knew from my other reading that the opioid crisis is nothing new. The Astoria, OR area has a very stained history due to opiates.