Welcome to Living Unabridged!

Here we are, first post in a new space, Living Unabridged! If you’ve followed me from Candid Diversions, thanks so much for sticking around.living unabridged

If you’re new here, if you’ve just stumbled on to this new to you blog: welcome.

Super short introduction: I’m Karen. I’m a homeschool mom, a hopeful writer, and a voracious reader.

This blog is dedicated to the books we love, to making new friends (real and literary), and living true, authentic Christian lives, no matter what.

Longer introduction: I’m also a homeschool graduate (K-12). I have a Christian Counseling degree. Blogging has been a hobby for me since 2007, and has become something slightly more than a hobby in the past few years. I am a classically trained pianist and yes, I do give piano lessons (on occasion).

I married the love of my life. We’re not exactly high school sweethearts, but only because my husband is four years older than I am and we didn’t attend the same high school. {wink}

If you’re wondering more about Living Unabridged:

I hope you’ll find a community of like minded friends here: people who are living unabridged, just like you.

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  1. I read a real book this week! What Alice Forgot by Leanne Moriarty. I quite enjoyed it. Made me think.

  2. Looks great!!! I know I’m not always good at commenting but I did enjoy your CandidDiversions and visited regularly! :) So I’m really excited for you as you begin this new blog adventure!!!