Weekend Web Wandering – October 22

I haven’t saved a lot of links this week, but I did want to share these with you.

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From Living Unabridged:

Since the links list is so short I’ll share a little of what our family has going on lately.

The younger girls have gotten out of the Latin habit (except for listening to our Song School Latin CD.) I kept hoping to find what I needed for them on a used curriculum site but it never worked out.

So I double and triple checked prices and ended up ordering these from CBD because they beat even Rainbow Resource’s prices. (yes, these are affiliate links)

773001: Latin For Children, Primer A Text Latin For Children, Primer A Text
By Dr. Aaron Larsen & Dr. Christopher Perrin / Classical Academic Press

I already had the DVD set and the reader for this. I just needed the student text. (I’m choosing to skip buying the teacher’s guide unless I really need it. Fingers crossed!)

510766: Song School Latin Level 2--Book and CD Song School Latin Level 2–Book and CD
By Amy Rehn / Classical Academic Press

CBD had a great price on the DVD to go along with this, too.

In other “news”, we had a family movie night last night. I was not a fan of the new Cinderella or Maleficent Disney movies so I was skeptical about the new Jungle Book movie, but, spoiler: I loved it. Actually, we all did.

It’s pretty crazy to find a movie that the entire family (from Dad to Littles) enjoys together. We’re calling this a win. (Bonus: we picked this up at the library so it was free. But I suspect at least one of my children is going to put this on her Christmas wish list considering they’ve already watched it again this morning…)

We’re also gearing up for our church children’s Harvest Party next week. Here’s what the iBOY wants to be (so he informed me yesterday): Darth Vader – Batman – Thomas the Train – Dinosaur.

So, that should be simple enough to pull off.

What caught your eye this week?
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  1. Yes, on the mental health article. The book “Telling Yourself the Truth” helped me a lot when I was suffering from anxiety and depression. Side note-I still suffer, but therapy and telling myself the truth have helped a lot.

    We loved the Jungle Book too. We saw it in theaters and went in with low expectations and were pleasantly surprised.

    I refuse to despair over the election. I have had to say this over and over to people. God is ultimately in control. If we end up with a bad leader it isn’t His fault. He has just allowed us to have what we think we want. Not what I want, but I think I am in the minority now. I think of the Isrealites. They begged God to have a king like other civilizations. Sometimes they had a good one, and sometimes they didn’t. But we know God works all things for the good of those who love Him, and I will not despair.

    • I’ve been saying the same thing about kings. I think it is built in to mankind’s heart to desire a king. Unfortunately, we’re really bad at choosing a king. And until the real King comes, we will continue to muddle along imperfectly. But I do think it helps to explain why both “sides” want a leader who enforces his / her will and makes the other side do what the leader wants. It’s a dangerous thing to want.

      So glad to hear that book helped you. Thanks for recommending it for others. Praying for you, friend!