Weekend Web Wandering – May 23, 2015

Each day starts with a little thrill of excitement these days: will today be the new baby’s birthday? So far, obviously, the answer has been no. But one of these days it will be yes, and until that’s the answer the excitement level in our house is rocketing ever higher. (If you’d like to join in on a guessing game about when the baby will come and how much he might weigh, you can on the Living Unabridged Facebook page.)

With the baby question still unsettled, we haven’t made many plans for this weekend. What do you have planned for Memorial Day?

On to the links:
weekend web wandering




Here at Living Unabridged I shared a quote and my current reading stack: The Dead Made Living. I also talked about Finishing the Homeschool Year with Strength (When You’re Already Tired). Also this week: my mom reviewed a safety product for stairs and she has a discount code too, if you happen to have some stairs around your house or business that are treacherous.

That’s all for today. Here’s hoping that by next Saturday I’ll have a new family member to introduce!

You don’t want to miss the Memorial Day Sale at Maestro Classics (you can follow the image link and then click the “Sale” tab to easily find the deals):

If you’ve been waiting to buy a CD or mp3 from this excellent collection, now is a fantastic time!

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