Weekend Web Wandering – August 6, 2016

Summer! Olympics! Back to School!

Lots to do and not a lot of time to chat, so let’s get on with the links:

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The Olympics are here! My kids are thrilled, since it’s one of the few times we let them watch television. Last night’s parade of nations was a great inspiration to study a bit more geography. (Especially when one of my children was sure that NBC was making up some of those countries. And honestly, even I had never heard of Nauru.)

Here are a few interesting Olympics links:

I’m still on a summer schedule as far as new blog posts go, but I did share one thing that’s working well for our family right now: Inspiring Math Averse Children with CTC Math. If you’re still looking for a math curriculum for this school year (or just need a good review / tutor option) give CTC Math a try. And don’t miss the giveaway!

What caught your eye this week? And what Olympic event are you most excited about?

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