Weekend Web Wandering 2020 Vol. 9

Hello, Friends!

We are emerging (cautiously) from Quarantine Life. We are still concerned for the vulnerable around us, but the relaxation of some of the state imposed restrictions has made life a bit easier for our kiddos.

I’m still not taking them to store with me. The reason: I almost never take them to the store with me.

Now we’re considering what summer might look like. Still a lot of unknowns, of course.

But I went to Sam’s Club a couple of days ago and they were fully stocked on everything I wanted. (I noticed they were still out of yeast, but I didn’t actually need any) And it felt like Christmas just to be able replenish our pantry. I don’t think I’ll take shelves of toilet paper for granted again for a while! (How delightful to be thankful for something so…mundane.)

Also, I had a birthday this week. So I am older now (and, obviously, Wiser *cough*).

The iBoy thinks I am 25. Which, fine. (I was, ahem, quite a bit older than 25 when I gave birth to the iBoy seven years ago. But, it’s better than when he asked me if I was 84.)

On to the links! (And yes, there are quite a few Covid-19 related links. But there are others as well, so skim down if you just can’t read one more thing about This Current Crisis.)
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Corona / Sars-Co-V-2 / Covid-19 / Pandemic Related Links

All Other Links / Hodge Podge

OK. That’s a deluge of links. So we’ll stop there for now. Stay well, friends!

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  1. Thank you again SO much for the Weekend Web Wanderings! They really make my day and I am so happy when they come across my feed. I wrap up all my work, grab my latte and sit to savor them. And here’s the thing- I’m an atheist! But I always also end up reading so many of the faith-based links you post because, more than anything, at their core, they’re about community and community is everything. And they’re always interesting and I find something relevant in all of them. (Plus, I imagine community is a huge component of faith!)

    I put together a weekly links list for our homeschool group and so much time goes into parsing and synthesizing and posting it. So please know, I appreciate so very much, your gift of time and energy in putting these together. They are the most enjoyable thing, to me, on the internet. And I’m on the internet a lot! Have a great week!