Weekend Web Wandering – January 24, 2015

weekend web wandering lgJanuary 24 is one of my favorite days of the year because it’s my husband’s birthday. I wrote this post last year for our 15th anniversary, but it’s even more true today: I love that boy.

Well, enough of all that. If I get started talking about how amazing my husband is, and how much I love being married to him, I may never stop so we’d better get on with this week’s linkage:




Here on this blog I talked about 15 Ways to Keep Warm, My favorite books (and a few duds) from 2014, and I made a new place to keep up with What I’m Reading in 2015.

That’s it for me this week. What caught your eye?

weekend web wandering

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  1. there is absolutely nothing wrong with having an abortion and it shouldn’t be stigmatized. We should be sharing our stories and the myths article was complete bullocks. As a former abortion clinic worker you have no idea what the real truths are from these women that (if illegal) would risk death to terminate their pregnancies as they have for thousands of years. Please know reality before posting. I support your right to have a kiddo and I expect you to support my right to not have a kiddo. I thought I was amongst intjs here who would never judge another for their choices. Thank you for reading this. I appreciate it.

    • This INTJ believes life begins at conception (science has no good answer for when it begins if not then), and also that abortion is always a tragedy, both for the unborn child and the woman who feels that it is her only (or best) option.

      I’m glad you felt this was a safe place to share your opinion, but this is my blog home and it would be hypocritical of me not to share my beliefs.