Weekend Web Wandering 2017 Vol. 14

Back to School Season means a lot of education based links this week. But there are a few others today, in case homeschooling / education is not your favorite topic.

weekend web wandering


  • This one made me laugh: How to Plan a Homeschool Year in 13 Easy Steps by Annie Reneau.
  • Are We Unschoolers? by Jamie at See Jamie Blog. The longer I homeschool (our oldest is turning 16 in a few months and we’ve homeschooled her for her entire life), the less I worry about labels. And the more I relax. Am I an unschooler? Probably not. But on a given day…
  • Related: Choose Education, Not an Affiliation by Purva Brown. Picture me nodding my head and muttering, “Right, on!”  Now feels like a good time to confess that in my head I’ve written a post titled “I Don’t Care What Charlotte Mason Had for Breakfast” about a hundred times, but I’ve never posted it because I count several CM homeschoolers as dear friends, and I really don’t want them to think the post is directed at them. But someday it may insist on coming out and if it does, please know that I really do love you and of course it’s not directed at you. {mwah} (That’s a kissing sound. I think. Could be an evil laugh…)
  • Another good thought from Purva Brown: Before You Add, Subtract



On Living Unabridged

This week: Teaching Kids and Teens About World War 2. September 1 was the 78th anniversary of the Nazi invasion of Poland, which is generally considered the “start” of WW2. I had some thoughts about teaching difficult subjects to our children. (And if you’re looking for books about WW2 suitable for Kids & Teens, I have a booklist for you.)

Also this week: Another game in our 52 Family Game Nights Series: Wordsy

One year ago: Family Game Night – Revolution!

Pinterest Board of the Week (Fall is in the air!)

What caught your eye this week?

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