Weekend Reading – September 27, 2014

weekend reading


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  • Zeke Emanuel Wants You To Die at 75 by Greg Scandlen for the Federalist. I don’t love the statements that inspired this post, of course. But this is an important subject. Just on a personal note, I can’t imagine the last 10 years without my grandfather (now 85). They’ve been some of the best years in our relationship. I guess that doesn’t fit on an actuarial chart, but it’s significant to me.
  • Psychiatry, Mental Illness, and the State by Donald Devine for the Federalist. (Looking back through the links I saved this week, it would probably have been simpler just to say, “Go read The Federalist.”)
  • The Stalkers by Holly Morris at Roads and Kingdoms. Fascinating glance at those who can’t resist exploring the ruins of Chernobyl. (H/T Challies.)


We’ve had a fun week, with our fourth daughter celebrating her fourth birthday and tomorrow our second daughter will turn ten. Two birthdays in one week is an insane level of excitement in our house. We also made a quick trip down to celebrate these birthdays with the southern branch of our family, so it’s been a fun filled week. (You can check out my 9 Tips for Traveling with Kids.)

What caught your eye this week?

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  1. What Star Trek has to teach about writing? Oh, now I am curious!

    Sounds like a fun birthday week alright!