Weekend Web Wandering 2017 – Vol. 3

Lots of great link-age today that I’ve been saving for a few weeks, so let’s get started!
weekly links round-up


  • I considered listing this one under “Loving” but I decided this category worked better. Because I learned a lot just reading this article. Music, Composers, Secret Codes, oh my! Breaking Elgar’s Enigma by Daniel Estrin in New Republic.
  • What to Say When Your Students Fall in Love by Joshua Gibbs at CiRCE. (Side note: I fell in love with my husband when I was in highschool and here we are lo, these twenty years later. Sometimes it IS forever, and no, I’m not comparing the love I felt when I was sixteen to the love I live and breathe now.)
  • The Best Kept Secret of Homeschooling by Brandy at Afterthoughts. I don’t know that this is a secret, but yes, it’s true.
  • Teaching Discernment: Bad Words in Books by Betsy at Redeemed Reader. Discernment is a lost art. I think I have more to say on this subject, but that will probably have to wait for another blog post.



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