Weekend Web Wandering 2021 Vol. 3

So much has happened since my last WWW but it’s well past time to clear out my links so let’s get to them (outdated though they may be):
weekend web wandering

1. The death of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh was a huge event. (Especially to those of us who have followed them long before “The Crown” and such.)

2. Homeschool Links

  • Homeschooling Kids with Dyslexia by Abby Wahl at Simply Convivial. Saved this one more for the resources listed now that I, along with several other homeschool moms I know, are facing this challenge. And, though I have years and YEARS of homeschool experience, both my own and my kids’, let me tell you that Dyslexia is a Whole New World and we are still exploring it.
  • I am the director of a homeschool co-op but I will never (as in NOT EVER) be part of a CC group. These two links explain part of the reason why: CC Knowingly Exposes Unsuspecting Churches to Tax Liabilities and Whistleblowers Say CC is Multi-Level Marketing Scheme both from the Roys Report. (I have appreciated Leigh Bortins’ books and talks at the GHC in the past. I will just say, “buyer beware” even in homeschool circumstances. I think what a lot of homeschool families want is a system or guaranteed results but…bad news, there isn’t any education method that has a 100% success rate and our children are human beings with all the glory and heartache that entails. (Also, side-bar: why do Christian homeschoolers seem so much more susceptible to MLMs, whether oils, clothes, cleaning products, etc. than the general population? Someone needs to write that book.)

3.Christianity (or, the Mere Orthodoxy section):

4. Literary-ish:

5. Random Things Relevant to My Interests:

May you be blessed this summer, friends!

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