Words on Wednesday – On Making a Difference

Two quotes from Andy Andrews’ The Little Things this week. About making a difference:
willing to be different
And about changing:

no one wants to change

Obviously, these are related.

It’s impossible to truly be making a difference, unless you’re willing to be different.

And it’s impossible for things to get better, if you’re not willing to have things change.


I hate change.

Creature of habit: that’s me. But I can’t help but see some things that need to get better, whether in our church, our relationships, or our homeschool.
And that means being willing to change, if necessary.

As for being different, well, that one I’m a little more used to.

Homeschooling = great, big, fat being different experience. Life as an INTJ female = a great big “Different” might as well be stamped on my forehead. (I’m glad it isn’t, of course.)

How about you? Does either quote grab you? Do you want to make a difference without being different?

Recently Finished

Among the Righteous by Robert Satloff. Mr. Satloff set out to write a book about forgotten stories of the Second World War in Africa. He also wanted to find an Arab worthy of inclusion in the Yad Vashem Righteous Among Nations. He discovered a complicated history of resistance, indifference, and Nazi collaboration, often all three in the one country. Highly recommended for history / WW2 buffs. (Not recommended for young readers, due to subject matter.)

The Women in the Castle by Jessica Shattuck. A fictional treatment of three women in WW2 and Post-War Germany. Sometimes devastating, slightly too often plodding. Marianne is a fascinating character but her two survivor friends are slightly less so. The characters and plot never quite drew me deeply in, but I did find it compelling enough to read in a short period of time. (Warning: occasionally graphic subject matter and descriptions. I wouldn’t give it to my teen to read, unless she specifically asked to read it. And then we’d have to talk about some Stuff.)

The Death of Expertise by Tom Nichols. My husband wanted me to read it so we could talk about it. It’s thought-provoking, but ultimately inadequate because the author doesn’t address the foundational questions of 1.)Whether absolute truth exists and 2.)Whether that truth is knowable. Essentially a super-longform article. I do wish more people would read it, because these are discussions we need to be having.

Recently Added

Still working on the stack!

Current Read Aloud

Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm. This one is stretching my “Do the voices” philosophy, but fortunately, Wiggin wrote in quite a few vernacular hints.

Current Book to Review

The Story Cure is on its way to me right now.

Current Kindle Deals

I’m just going to keep pushing Forty Autumns. $1.99 is well worth it in this case!

What are you reading now? Is what you’re reading making a difference?

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