Weekend Web Wandering – May 2, 2015

Today we’re celebrating the iBoy’s 2nd birthday. We’re keeping things fairly low-key (nothing Pinterest worthy happening here, in other words), but if it had a theme you might say it’s a peanut butter party. We usually let the older kids choose their birthday dinner menu. If the iBoy were capapble of expressing such a complex thought, PB&J would definitely be his choice (along with bananas). So, I hope our friends and family like peanut butter.

Now for the links!
weekend web wandering


  • Autism: Maybe It’s Not What We’ve Been Told by John Rodakis at the Huffington Post. More research is definitely needed on this subject. (Content warning for much of this site. This post is excellent but the other “suggested posts” may not be.)
  • What is a Living Book? Sherry at Semicolon tackles this question.
  • The Right Book at the Right Time by Amy at Hope is the Word. I can relate to this because I owned the entire set of Anne books (a gift from my grandparents) for several years before it was “the right time” for me. Now my oldest has read them all several times and my 10 year old is working her way through the series. If you’re interested in acquiring some “Anne books”, you need to see this post from Modern Mrs. Darcy: Beautiful Editions of Anne of Green Gables (swoon).
  • Those Who Think, Read by JD at Missiologically Thinking. (Which reminds me of the old quote about the man who won’t read being no better off than the man who can’t read.)
  • How to Use Whimsy as a Tool by John Vorhaus at Writer Unboxed. “Keep writing. Keep failing.” Excellent advice for writers (or wannabe writers).



And finally, the royal baby has arrived: Baby Cambridge’s Birth Is Announced at Buckingham Palace. Prince George now has a baby sister. No name has been announced as of this post, but Alice is the Hot Favorite Among Those Taking Bets. Right now, I’d just like to add that I’m thankful I won’t have reporters and photographers camped outside our hospital of choice when our baby arrives, or people taking bets on what his name might be. (Although my husband went to the bank yesterday and the teller asked him, “Have you named the baby yet?” The BANK TELLER, folks. Not even remotely a close, personal friend of ours, although I guess my husband has become a familiar sight in their branch.)

Here at Living Unabridged this week we looked at April in Review (including a few quick movie reviews) and I shared my Homeschool Likes and Dislikes.

What caught your eye this week?

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  1. The replacing vocabulary was the best part of Mystie’s post for me. Thanks for the link!

  2. Thanks so much for the link! I always enjoy reading these posts, but I didn’t expect to find myself in one. It made my day!