Weekend Web Wandering – June 20, 2015

Father’s Day weekend is usually a busy one for us: it falls right around our anniversary. This year was pretty low key, as far as anniversary celebrations go. (Having a two week old baby will do that.)

But my husband did surprise me with these flowers:
red roses for our 16th anniversary
Today we plan to take the family to see Inside Out (fingers crossed that the toddler and the baby will make it through the whole thing) and tomorrow we’ll host some of my family for Father’s Day (even though the gifts I ordered will apparently not be here until next week. Sigh. Sometimes I really regret not paying for Amazon Prime…)

What do you have planned for this weekend? Just in case you’re stuck inside like we are (it’s quite rainy here), here’s a long list of links for you to work through:
weekend web wandering



  • A Former Fecundophobe’s Reflections on Fatherhood by Matthew Cochran for The Federalist. Why do some people resist becoming parents? Maybe because nothing makes you grow up like being responsible for another human (or two. Or more…) Just a theory.
  • What All Bad Friends Do by Andrea Lucado for Relevant. This is a “what not to do” list.
  • The Ones Who Are Left by Elisabeth Elliot. This essay on grieving was re-shared by Christianity Today this week, upon the passing of its author. Still timely.
  • When the Wages of Sin is a Grandbaby by Kim Ransleben at TGC. This heartfelt post could be a great encouragement to anyone facing this situation.
  • Organized Sports on Sundays? by Mark Jones. Parents, it’s time to say “no”. If enough parents did, then this would cease to be an issue. Why is it an issue? Because we allow it to be.
  • The Church is Not a Sanctuary by Peter Beck. The events in Charleston this week are horrifying. This is a great reminder that we find sanctuary in Christ alone.


Here on Living Unabridged I shared some of our new favorite fact cards and my first post about our NICU experience: Unabridged Emotions.

What caught your eye this week?

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