Weekend Web Wandering 2019 Vol.6

July is a busy month and the main reason is four letters: C.A.M.P.

Philip directs our church’s Junior Camp (8-14 year olds). He preps all month for the lessons, games, etc. And he recruits other churches to go with us, bring their kids, and bring helpers. This year has been particularly stressful, even though we’ve done this since 2003. (There’s also non-camp related stress for both of us but we can talk about that some other time.)

What do I do? I pray a lot. And then I show up at camp and mother all the third to eighth graders that come. It doesn’t require a lot of prep on my part. (I do pack a huge first aid kit. Did you know Tums are a great cure for “my stomach hurts” – aka: general homesickness?)

OK, I also have to get my younger kids ready for whatever they’re doing while we’re at camp. Sometimes that means bringing them to camp with us and sometimes it means they go to their other grandparents.

And then there’s the packing…

So, while the last few loads of laundry (ha!) are finishing up, I think I have just enough time to share some links with you.
weekend web wandering

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  1. Before I clicked on the housing bubble one, I was thinking it was talking about houses like mine. I feel like I live in a mansion. We have 2,000 sq ft. But nope, they are talking about 4,200 sq ft homes priced in the millions. I feel for them. They probably thought it would be a good return on investment, but like that line in Indiana Jones “you chose poorly.” I don’t know what the market is like in my neck of the woods. I do know it is becoming very trendy to live near the city. They want to walk everywhere. That is nice until you start having kids. The market is always changing. Sometimes you luck out and are on the good end of it and sometimes you are not. (And I say this as someone who has been on the not fun side of it.)

  2. Oh, and I am trying to get off Facebook. So far I have been wildly unsuccessful, but it is a goal.