Weekend Web Wandering 2019 – Vol. 5

It’s been a strange week, right? Something about the 4th of July holiday coming basically in the middle of the week has made everything slightly “off”. My kids have been up too late for three or four nights in a row and it’s showing in their tempers and attitudes.

Maybe next week will be a bit calmer (she said, optimistically…) Meanwhile, I have loads of links saved for you so let’s get to it!
weekend web wandering
OK, so reading the “Crazy Rich Asians” series (see: books of June) made me wonder strange things. Things like: how much money is there in the world, anyway? So, here are two links I found trying to answer that question:

From Living Unabridged

One year ago: On Re-Reading Austen (Timely! Because I’m teaching a Jane Austen class this fall.)
Two years ago: Review of The Story Cure
Three years ago: Delight Directed Learning for Mom
Four years ago: Four Music Playlists for Labor and Delivery (so wild to remember I had a brand new baby four years ago!)

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