Weekend Reading – July 4th Weekend Edition

I know my American readers and friends have a busy weekend ahead. I do too, so this links round-up is coming out a day early. That way, if you have any downtime in the next few days you can settle in with some good web reading.
weekend web wandering


  • 5 Tips for Families Considering Homeschooling by Peter Cook for The Federalist. Thinking about NOT sending your kids “back to school” this fall? You might find Mr. Cook’s advice helpful.
  • Treating Nature Like a Snooty Museum by Lenore Skenazy at Free-Range Kids. (If you’re a parent and you’re not reading Free-Range Kids you need to fix that immediately.) I find it incredibly ironic that the same hand-wringers constantly going on about the “childhood obesity epidemic” are also, apparently, convinced that children shouldn’t spend time outside and, if they do, they shouldn’t touch anything, walk on anything, jump around, or use loud voices. See also: Playing Outside Can Truly Disrupt Sleep Schedules and Sign of the Times.
  • The Literature of Honor for Little Boys from Cindy Rollins at Morning Time Moms. Being a “boy mom” is new to me so I’m saving lists and posts like this. (I’m happy to see that many of the books my girls have loved are also on these lists.)
  • The Literature of Honor for Boys from Cindy Rollins at Morning Time Moms. A lot of these are new to me so I’m thankful for Cindy’s expertise.



Here at Living Unabridged I shared how I went from an Epidural Queen to giving birth naturally and a great Words on Wednesday quote: Intellect or the Will.

If you follow Living Unabridged on Facebook you’ve seen this already, but I’m sharing it again:

1 month old

That’s the kind of cuteness you’ll find every week on the Living Unabridged Facebook page. Cute pictures and the funny things my kids say are some of my favorite things to share over there.

And if you’re still looking for recipes or crafts for your Independence Day festivities, I have a Pinterest board you might want to check out:
Follow Karen (Living Unabridged)’s board Celebrating – Glorious Fourth on Pinterest.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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