Weekend Web Wandering 2018 Vol. 2

How did your January go? We had snowed in days and days where it felt like spring. We had a few lazy stretches and a few days where we weren’t sure how we’d fit everything in. (Spoiler: we managed.)

And we celebrated my husband’s birthday. No big party this year. We had cupcakes with the kids. And last night we went to a new to us restaurant and to a special art exhibit. (Which is how you know we were celebrating his birthday and not mine. I would choose an antique mall or thrift store.)

Anyway, good times! And I hope your January has been the same.
weekend web wandering




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What We’ve Watched This Month

We’re enjoying a gift subscription to Netflix. This month we binged all the available seasons of Shetland. (This is an Amazon link to seasons 1-2. Netflix has season 3 as well.)

After that we watched all of Paranoid. It was twisty.

Of the two, I highly recommend Shetland. But you may want to watch with subtitles because those Scottish accents can be tricky. My husband and I watch a LOT of British shows but we both asked each other at least once an episode, “What did he / she just say?!”

We also got around to watching Wonder Woman. (My verdict: pretty good but not quite up to the hype.)

What caught your eye this month?

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