Weekend Web Wandering – 2017 Vol. 2

We still have eight kids instead of our usual six, so blogging has definitely been pushed down on the priority list. But I have managed to keep up with some reading, so here are the links that have caught my eye since our last edition.
weekly links round-up


  • 12 Ways to Be a Curious Person by Barnabas Piper. Done! (Kidding, a little.)
  • Reading Out of Love for Others by Tim Challies. I loved this! So often reading is apologized for (especially by women), as if we should be doing something “better” with our time. Or reading is described as a “solitary pursuit”. Reading is more than that!
  • What is a Classic Anyway? On Hemingway and the 100 Year Rule by Adam Andrews at CiRCE Institute. Great quote: “Our problem is not that the jury is still out on Hemingway; our problem is that the jury is in—with a verdict of guilty…our anxiety about twentieth-century literature has its roots in faulty philosophies of reading, art, and education.” Definitely a lot to ponder in this essay!
  • Here’s a question somewhat related to the above: What Makes a Great Christian Novel? by Andrew Peterson at The Rabbit Room. And here’s a question that I’ve been asking myself, since I want to write a series of novels: do I have to write something great? What if the pressure of writing something great is keeping me from writing?



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What caught your eye this week?

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  1. I loved your link on what makes a good Christian novel. A lot of good insights there.