31 Authors Children Love: Don Freeman

Don Freeman is the author of the beloved Corduroy series.

But I think our favorite is:

Dandelion (such a clever play with words) has been invited to a party. He dresses up, fixes his hair, and then…well, you’ll just have to read it for yourself. I bought a copy of this one (complete with a cassette tape, remember those?) at a library sale. My girls listened to that tape until it just about fell apart. (And anyway, it’s getting hard to buy a tape player.)

Anyway, Dandelion is a great story about being yourself. I remember borrowing this book from our church library when I was a kid. I think we read that copy until it just about fell apart.

Our personal copy now is in pretty much the same situation: held together with scotch tape. That’s when you know a book is beloved!

(My husband has similar memories of the original Corduroy book. He reads it often to the kids because of those good memories.)

Others by Don Freeman that we own:

A Rainbow of My Own. This one is great for a weather unit study. Or just a rainy day.

Mop Top. Honestly, this one reminds me a bit of Robert McCloskey’s books. (Lentil or Homer Price, perhaps.)

Ski Pup. We get this one out in the Winter, of course.

Others by Freeman that we Don’t Own

Norman the Doorman

Fly High, Fly Low

Earl the Squirrel

There are also other books about Corduroy, but I don’t think any of them quite capture the magic of the original.

Other sites about Don Freeman:

 Do you have a favorite book by Don Freeman?

Resources for Readers:

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authors children love: don freeman

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