Words on Wednesday – Some Beats None

Today’s quote is a helpful reminder to this recovering perfectionist:
some beats none
“Some beats none” is taken from Jon Acuff’s excellent book Start: Punch Fear in the Face, Escape Average and Do Work That Matters

If you like to make resolutions in January, this book would be a good one to read.

(If you’d like to see more recommendations of good books for January, see this post: What to Read in January.) I’m sure you’ll see more quotes from this book in future posts, because it definitely inspired me.

Don’t let perfectionism rob you of change: small changes are better than no changes. Small steps are better than sitting still.

What I’m Reading Now:

jan 7 stack

Recent additions to my stack (other than that picture of our most recent addition):

For a book study with ladies in my church:What Women Fear: Walking in Faith that Transforms by Angie Smith.

A book I’ve been meaning to read for a long time:The Cost of Discipleshipby Dietrich Bonhoeffer. I actually started this in December, but it’s deep and I’m swimming slowly.

Because it made several “Best of 2014” lists:Station Eleven: A novelby Emily St. John Mandel.

Recent Kindle reads:

I haven’t been reading much on my Kindle this week. I read a lot of Agatha Christie mysteries this way in the last couple months of 2014 and I’m trying to avoid them for a bit so I can read some deeper things.

I did recently order this one:A Household Gospelby Matthew Sims. Only $0.99 right now and it seemed like something I would like to read.

Current Read Aloud:

After neglecting our read alouds for longer than I’d like (other than picture books for the youngest kids), I let our 7 year old (a reluctant reader herself) choose a chapter book she would like me to read to her. She chose this one:

in case you can’t see the image the book is: The Smuggler’s Treasure (American Girl History Mysteries).

This, perhaps obviously, would not have been my first choice. But she’s enjoying it. We’ve started reading it in the mornings while her older sisters are busy with other school work. Our 4 year old has also been listening, which surprised me because it doesn’t have pictures and I didn’t think she’d be interested. I hope this helps us start a good routine of read alouds this year (and maybe I’ll chose the book next!).

Current Book to Review:

So far, I haven’t been interested in any of the books my review organizations have to offer. I keep checking though, and I hope to start a new one soon.

What are you reading now?

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  1. That is a great quote. I’m going to add it to my quotes for Mystie’s course. Thank you!

  2. Congratulations on your newest little reader! I couldn’t really even concentrate on your books! Peace keep you all in these full days.

  3. Thanks for the suggestions, Karen… I’ve put a few in my amazon cart for future purchase :)