Weekend Web Wandering 2017 Vol. 5

Last Saturday we woke up to a freak snowstorm. The sight of snowy roads caused my husband to decide we needed to skip a field trip we had planned.

And then the snow cleared up thirty minutes later. (wah-wah, sad trombone sound here)

So, anyway, despite being home all day, not much got done. We cleaned the house (sort of) and tried to fix our attitudes (with varying degrees of success), but it was just one of those days were it felt like nothing happened and yet you’re glad for it to be over.

This Saturday is cold, but sunny. The kids have two friends over to spend most of the day. The house is basically clean (good enough for us though I wouldn’t be inviting Martha Stewart over, if you know what I mean).

It’s going to be a great Saturday! (Even if we do “lose” an hour tonight…)
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