Weekend Web Wandering – March 12, 2016

We’ve got a full weekend planned, that actually started yesterday. And then the iBoy decided last night to lose his mind and have a massive meltdown at 1:30 AM that lasted until around 4 AM. I think a bad dream started it off but things went downhill from there. And because I had stayed up until around 1:30 AM watching North and Southwith my girls, I am operating on about four hours of sleep.

Not good.

So, no sleep and then this weekend is the awful time change. (Dear Washington, stop messing with the clocks. kthanxbye)

I may have a meltdown of my own.

But anyway, the links must go on.

weekly links round-up



  • Small vs. Big Churches: The Family Feud We All Lose by Trevin Wax. I loved the perspective in this post. I’ve been a member of both types, and while I definitely have Thoughts on this (yes, with a capital ‘T’), I think Trevin is right about the dangers here.
  • When the Unbeliever Departs by Rachel Watson at TGC. This is a compelling personal story.
  • In Praise of Being Bored by Anne Bogel at Modern Mrs. Darcy. My children are catching on to the fact that when they tell me “I’m bored” now, I tell them, “Good.” And go on with my day. It is not my job to rescue them from boredom (and I need to wrestle with boredom myself, so it’s not just them).
  • Hobbies to the Glory of God by Tim Challies. Great perspective. (And, I must add, refreshing after the “Adult Coloring Books Will Open  Your Mind to Demon Possession” or somesuch nonsense that was floating around my Facebook Friends’ posts a week or two ago.)
  • 20 Faith Building Movies for Family Discussions by Candace at His Mercy is New. Great list here.


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