Weekend Web Wandering – January 9, 2016

Welcome to the first WWW of 2016! (Last week was still a holiday weekend and I didn’t even sit down at my regular work computer.) I’ve been saving links for weeks so let’s get right to ’em.

weekly links round-up


We should probably call this the “book list” category for this week. I love all the book lists that come around at the end of one year / beginning of another.


  • Why Homeschool Moms Need Homeschool Friends by Misty at Finding Joy in the Journey. This is an older post that just came across my radar recently. I lived for many years as a only homeschool mom while most other women I knew “in real life” (as opposed to over the internet) were not. I didn’t realize how much that was draining me until I joined a homeschool co-op and started feeling…normal (which, yes, I know, there’s no such thing as normal). Anyway, this post resonated with me.
  • The Biggest Lie We Believe Every Day by Lea Ann Garfias. Wish I could send this one to all the moms I know. Since I can’t, I’ll share it here.
  • Trade in Your Resolutions for This One Thing by Kat Dee at The Art of Simple. Yes!
  • What a Novel Taught Me About Housework by Mystie Winkler at Simply Convivial. (I told you she would show up in this post again.)
  • OK, I kind of hate sharing this, but it’s come up in some real life discussions lately, so I will: The Active Shooter: Staying Alive from The Survival Mom. I think a point I would stress is just awareness of your surroundings. Have you seen people trying to walk down the sidewalk while texting? Not good. I love my phone too, but it goes in my pocket or bag while I’m walking or driving. [/sermon]
  • Yes, amen, so say we all: Stop Waiting for Your Church to Feed You by Tyler Edwards at Relevant.


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  1. Brc_mackenzie says

    Unlike you, I’m not loving all these book lists. My to-read pile is big enough and now I feel like one of our chickens when both kids are giving them snacks “oh, I want that one. No this! No that one next” ahhh! But of course, I’ll read all the lists anyway and watch my goodreads list grow :-)

    And I just found out one of the three libraries innour branch has cake pan! Since Lucy is already talking to me about the big party (she’s not actually having) in May, I think this might come in handy for making her family party more palatable.