Weekend Web Wandering 2019 Vol. 11

I’ve actually written a full post interviewing my homeschool students. They’ve given their input. I wrote the post. And yet you can’t read it.

Why? Because I can’t get a chance to take their pictures. The days we’ve all been home at the same time in decent light can be counted on one hand (and it wouldn’t take all my fingers).

That’s the thing about eight people living in one house: we’re rarely ever all here!

(Plus, we’re letting Daughter #2 use our “good” camera for a Photography class she’s taking…)
weekend web wandering

From Living Unabridged

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  1. I really liked the article by Alan Noble. This is something we need to talk about more. I would have probably added more Jesus to the article. Our suffering is temporary thanks to Jesus. But I agree with him, overall.