Weekend Web Wandering 2019 – Vol. 1

Blog is a back-burner activity for me right now. (Honestly, the burner is off a lot of the time. But sometimes it’s on and simmering and I want to get to it but can’t quite manage…)

Anyway, I’m still around and reading and thinking and I hope that writing will eventually move forward in my priorities again.

Meanwhile, here are a few links I’ve saved in the past few weeks.
weekend web wandering

  1. My favorite post of recent memory is Born to Fly: Mary Poppins, Bruce Springsteen, and the Spell of Immortality by Jennifer Trafton at The Rabbit Room
  2. Which Condiments Need to Be Refrigerated? from The Takeout. I knew most of this already, but it’s a good reminder.
  3. I’ve seen a lot of criticism of Queen Victoria as a mother but I think this is a more likely perspective: Yes, She Was Stroppy But Queen Victoria Dearly Loved Her Children by Julia Baird at The Guardian. The point that her letters were edited by men who cut anything blatantly womanly (which they found “tiresome”) is particularly relevant, I think.
  4. Why Did the Food Media Ignore the Best Selling Cookbook of 2018? by Bonnie Benwick at The Washington Post. (Hint: snobbishness)
  5. This one is sad: The Loneliest Generation by Janet Adamy and Paul Overberg at The Wall Street Journal.
  6. Interesting long form article about housing: Building Houses that Grow with Us by Kate Wagner at Curbed.
  7. Why J.I. Packer Reads Mystery Novels (Or, In Defense of Light Reading) by Justin Taylor at TGC. (Need some series mystery suggestions?)
  8. More mystery related reading – Ngaio Marsh: A Crime Reader’s Guide to the Classics by Neil Nyren at CrimeReads.

From Living Unabridged

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What are you reading and thinking about right now?

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