Weekend Web Wandering – May 9, 2015

Our family had a fun evening out last night, with shopping, eating out, and stopping for ice cream on the agenda. Pretty sure our girls think that’s the way every Friday evening ought to go but it is rare, so it was a special fun time (even if I was worn out at the end. Because, frankly, everything wears me out at this point).

Today: some cleaning and cooking in preparation for tomorrow’s Mother’s Day lunch which we’re hosting at our house. What’s on your to-do list this weekend?

weekend web wandering

  • 11 Ways Finland’s Education System Shows Us “Less is More” from Filling My Map. This makes for fascinating (and frustrating) reading. Some people in the U.S. seem to want to emulate Europe, but why do they always seem to choose the wrong European role models?
  • If you want more evidence of the ridiculous state of American public education you won’t have to read more than this: At What Point Do We Call Schools Orphanages? by Joy Pullmann for The Federalist. Make no mistake: this is all part of “the children belong to the state and family is just a construct that we can destroy” mindset.
  • The Dark Side of Mother Goose from Grammarly. We love Mother Goose around here but I don’t doubt that at least a few of these origin stories are true.
  • How to Have the Best Finishing Feeling by Kari Patterson at Simple Homeschool. So much of homeschooling is about having the wisdom for these moments: do we drop it and move on or do we push through? There’s no one right answer for every situation.
  • Know Your Child’s Personality Type by Mystie Winkler at Simply Convivial. Any parent would find this helpful, but homeschool parents, who spend so many hours every day with their children, will particularly appreciate it.



  • 5 Christian Cliches That Aren’t True by Allison Duncan. Please, let’s retire all of these.
  • Kardashian Culture: Selfishness Without a Self by Robert Tracinski. Loved this: “It’s not about having too much self. It’s not about too much knowledge, too many values, too much integrity. It’s about too little self—and all the vanities and trivialities that blow us along, like leaves in the wind, when we don’t have one.”
  • Facts are Dead, Long Live Insanity by Georgi Boorman. I don’t think all these cases are the same, but it does make for an interesting discussion.
  • The Secret History of Star Wars and Marcia Lucas by Michael Allen. My husband sent this one to me, as evidence of a good wife’s importance. (I have long said that the problem with the Star Wars prequels was there was no one to say “no” to Mr. Lucas. I just hadn’t realized his wife was the person doing that in the original series.)
  • Richard III: Myth of Monster, Saint or Sinner by Phil Stone at Royal Central. One of the truly fascinating mysteries of history. (Much as I love Shakespeare, I really do think he got this one wrong.)
  • Because I love stuff like this: How Does the Line of Succession Look Now? What the British line of succession (to 100 places) looks like after the birth of Princess Charlotte of Cambridge. One thing I hadn’t realized: how high the Norwegian royal family places.
  • A Call From (and To) the Hurting Before Mother’s Day from Every Bitter Thing is Sweet. Even as we celebrate our mothers tomorrow, let’s remember the ones for whom Mother’s Day is painful

Well, that’s all I have for you this week. Wishing each of you a very happy weekend!

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