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Unless you’ve been living under a rock (and maybe even if you are…) if you read any Christian living blogs at all, Bible Journaling is not a new concept for you. I suspect this grew out of the scrapbooking craze (that craft trend has faded a bit in recent years). Some people get really creative with paint, stickers, beautiful art or lettering, and so on. Others just want to take notes right in their Bibles.

I was intrigued by this trend but haven’t really done much about that curiosity. And then BookLook Bloggers sent me a copy of Thomas Nelson Publishing’s KJV Journal the Word Bible to review.

Here was my first impression when I opened the box and lifted out my new Bible: WOW.

This is a gorgeous, sturdy edition of the Bible. It’s large print and, as expected with a “journaling Bible,” has wide, lined margins for taking notes or creating Bible related art.

The pages are slightly heavier paper than many Bible editions, the better to hold up to whatever you want to use to embellish the margins. There’s a ribbon bookmark as well as an elastic band to hold the pages shut. I love its durability and weight. And, while it is thick, it isn’t TOO large to carry to church or Bible studies. (Unlike the “Family Bibles” of old) Bonus: it easily lays flat on a table.

Here’s what you won’t find in this edition of the Bible:

any concordances, maps, or study notes.

Those are things you can add to the pages, as desired. (Time to release your inner John MacArthur, maybe?) Despite those things it doesn’t have, it is a red letter edition (which is kind of a study help, in my opinion).

Why Consider a Journaling Bible?

Here’s the thing: every morning I read the Bible on my Kindle Fire. I don’t need light to do so, and it’s always handy. Plus, I can make digital notes.

But I realized, just a few weeks ago actually, that my children didn’t know that was what I was doing. They just saw Mom with her Kindle Fire in her hand. Which is not, ahem, unusual.

I make digital notes in my digital editions of the Bible (I switch between KJV and ESV), but they most likely won’t ever see those notes.

And if Amazon does something crazy, those notes could be lost.

Which brings me to this Journaling Bible.

I don’t consider myself an artist. My scrapbooking hobby has seriously fallen by the wayside in the past few years (wonder why THAT could be…)

But even if I don’t turn these pages into miniature works of art (although the idea intrigues me, especially with some of my favorite passages), I’m thankful to have this Bible because I want to make notes in it. Leaving a tangible record of what I believe (and why) is part of the legacy I want to leave my children.

P.S. If you’re wondering, yes, I still read the Bible from my Kindle Fire too, but now, if my children are around while I’m doing so, I read it out loud to them. It helps them know that I’m not just killing time on Facebook or something, and it certainly won’t hurt them. {wink}

BookLook Bloggers provided me a complimentary copy of this Bible. Opinions are my own.

Journal the Word Bible from Thomas Nelson

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