Words on Wednesday – Faithful not Successful

Today’s quote is from C. H. Spurgeon on what we are required to be:
required to be faithful not successful
In this case, “bound” doesn’t mean you WON’T be successful. It simply means success is not what’s required.

The goal is faithfulness, not success.

I find that an encouraging, but sober thought.

Currently Reading

I’m making great progress on my stack. Must be time to order some more books!

Recently Finished

The Assassination of the Archduke by Greg King and Sue Woolmans. One of those books that’s interesting, but sad because you know how it turns out and you’re kind of hoping that it won’t this time. (It’s an interesting thought experiment: if the archduke had lived, would WW1 have happened soon after anyway, or would it be avoided?) Emperor Franz Joseph I doesn’t come off well in this at all. And the petty servants surrounding him (who seemingly lived to make the archduke and his wife miserable) don’t come off so well either. The archduke himself is a complex character but this book makes an admirable effort to correct some misconceptions.

Our Zoo by June Mottershead. Basis of the BBC series. (My husband and I have seen one episode. As usual, the book is better!) A nostalgic but frank look at the author’s unconventional childhood and young adulthood. It’s an adult book but I think teens who are interested in animals or history would enjoy it. (They might skim a few of the business bits about getting loans and such, but there’s nothing objectionable included.)

Recently Added

Arithmetic by Paul Lockhart.

Also, a murder mystery by Benjamin Black on my Kindle.

Current Read Aloud

We have two more chapters of Pippi Longstocking. The younger girls are enjoying it. The older girl listening in thinks Pippi is unbearably bratty.

Current Kindle Deals

There should be some more great deals starting tomorrow when the calendar flips to February. Wow! 2018 is going to fly by I think. (I know, I say that every year.)

What are you reading now?

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