31 Authors Children Love: Wanda Ga’g

Wanda Ga’g wrote the whimsically preposterous Millions of Cats.

Children seem to love stories with improbable scenarios and huge numbers. My kids have always loved echoing, “millions and billions and trillions of cats” as I read this book. This could be a gentle introduction to large numbers. (“What is a million or a trillion, anyway?”)

This could also illustrate the importance of humility to children. The “millions and trillions” of cats fight over which is best. But one quiet kitten is left at the end…

She also wrote the gentler story The ABC Bunny.

She worked as an author, and illustrator, and translator so you can find her touch in many books besides these two.

Two titles by Wanda Ga’G that we don’t personally own:

Snippy and Snappy. I don’t own this one, but if I ever see it at thrift store I will definitely buy it.

Nothing At All.

We also own an edition of Grimm’s Fairy Tales with illustrations by Ga’g, that is apparently somewhat difficult to find these days. (I’m hanging on to that one!)

Other sites about Wanda Ga’g or her work:

Do you have a favorite book by Wanda Ga’g?

Resources for Readers:

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authors children love: wanda ga'g

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