31 Authors Children Love: Munro Leaf

You may stumble across other books by Munro Leaf (he did several educational books) but our absolute favorite is:

The Story of Ferdinand is the classic tale of a creature who isn’t what he appears. The deceptively simple pen and ink illustrations bring the bull, the fighters, and the setting to vivid life.

Fun trivia about Ferdinand the Bull: he knocked Gone with the Wind off the #1 spot on the bestseller lists.

Can you imagine a picture book doing that today? (However, I guess people were somewhat fascinated with bull fighting in the 30’s so it makes a sort of sense. Kinda…)

Other fun books by Mr. Leaf:

Wee Gillis. This one fell out of print for a time, but it’s been re-released. (Our personal copy is a library discard. What library would get rid of Wee Gills?!)

Perfect for a unit study on Scotland. (Along with Always Room for One More, perhaps?)

Noodle. Just a note: if you ever see “Noodle” at a library sale or used book store, snatch it up. It’s been re-released in recent years but still isn’t widely available. And anyway, vintage copies of books are the best, right?

Other sites about Munro Leaf and his work:

Do you have a favorite book by Munro Leaf?

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authors children love: munro leaf

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